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Live online specialty-based sessions using GoToWebinar

Enroll in a session and get immediate access to a test of 50-75 highly rated MCQ. Complete it at your own leisure. On finishing the test get immediate access to your performance, group performance, correct answers and learning points. Then on the the scheduled day, attend the discussion by our bright and enthusiastic faculty and clear any doubts. You can also attend the discussion first and then complete the test and get access to the material.
Access is valid until the the 2015 Core exam.

Access to Cases and MCQ is available now.
Live Discussions start 2/7/15
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SELF DIRECTED LEARNING -Learn at your own pace

Face the Core Coreself is a self-study MCQ bank on topics suited for self learning. Each title has approximately 75 MCQ which you can answer once in a test mode.

Then access the answers, teaching points, your performance and the group performance.

Know your areas of weakness and correct them. There is NO live discussion for these titles

Access is valid until the 2015 Core exam result.

The questions and topics in Coreself are different from those in the 2015 Live sessions.
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