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Face the Core has big discounts for you.
Face the Core has 35 modules each costing $10, with the entire course for $350.
Individual Discounts
Institutional Discounts
Purchase all modules together at one time for $250 - Discount $100 .
Purchase 25 modules separately over time and get remaining modules free - Discount $100 .
Will your institution pay directly for this course?

Institutional discounts are available!!!
Similar to the Dynamic Group discounts below.
Contact Us .
Dynamic Group Discounts
Dynamic group discounts range from $110 to $150.

  • Purchase 20 modules for $200 - required.
  • Join a pre-existing dynamic group or form your own.
  • Grow your group.
  • Your discount grows with your group.
  • Get remaining 15 modules at the discounted price for your dynamic group size.
Joining a dynamic group is easy!
Obtain a Group ID. From a colleague who is in a dynamic group, social media, Aunt Minnie, sometimes on MyGroup page.
Purchase 20 modules for $200. All at once or singly.
Click on MyGroup tab. Enter the Group ID on MyGroup page. Done!!
Forming a new dynamic group is easy too!
Purchase 20 modules for $200. All at once or singly.
Go to MyGroup page. A unique new Group ID will be generated for you.
Click on MyGroup tab. Enter the Group ID on MyGroup page.
Once you are in a dynamic group
Help increase the group size to increase your discount. Just share the group ID with others taking the core exam - directly, by email, by text, through forums like Aunt Minnie or social media.
Watch your discount grow.
Purchase the remaining 15 modules at a discounted price when ready.
Discount amount by group size
Members Remaining Modules Discount Comment
10 Free 150 Maximum discount
9 $5 $145
8 $10 $140
7 $15 $135
6 $20 $130
5 $25 $125
4 $30 $120
3 $35 $115
2 $40 $110
1 $50 $100 Same as Individual discount
Can discounts be combined? No discounts cannot be combined, you can get either the individual,institutional or dynamic group discounts.
Can I buy the whole course on individual discount, then start a dynamic group and get extra discount reimbursed? No, not normally. However an exception can be made if you purchased the entire course and very soon realize that a group is forming in your institution. In that case Contact Us.
What is considered a dynamic group? Two or more people who commit to buy the entire course. The group starts with just one member and grows over time through broadcast of the GroupID. The members of the group do not have to be in the same program or even know each other personally.
What is the minimum size of a dynamic group? The dynamic group starts with just one member, but for a discount the minimum size for a dynamic group is 2 members
What is the maximum size of a dynamic group? The maximum size for a dynamic group is 10 members
Is there a minimum purchase requirement to join or form a dynamic group? Yes, a purchase of 20 modules for $200 is required to be eligible to join or form a dynamic group. These modules can be purchased in a single purchase or separately over a period of time.
Does the whole dynamic group have to get the remaining modules at the same time? No, every member makes their own decision about when to get the modules. The discount to the member is calculated from the group size at the time that she decides to get the remaining modules. The dynamic group can still keep on growing until it reaches 10 members, but once you have purchased the remaining modules, your discount does not increase even if the dynamic group size increases
So then, when should I purchase the remaining modules? Purchase the remaining modules when your need is balanced by the amount of discount. You want the dynamic group to grow to 10 for the maximum discount. But at the same time you need to leave enough time to use the modules for exam prep.
What if I am in a dynamic group and decide NOT to purchase the remaining modules? That is fine. You will NOT receive any discount. The rest of the dynamic group will not be affected.
What if I am in a dynamic group and want to return the modules I have purchased? That is fine. Your refund will be guided by the Face the Core return policy of this site. The rest of the dynamic group will not be affected.
Once I have joined a dynamic group can I switch groups? You can, if there is no other member in your dynamic group. If there are other members in your dynamic group, you cannot switch to another group because that would not be fair.
Can two dynamic groups be merged? No the groups cannot be merged.
Where can I find a Group ID? Where do I get a Group ID of pre-existing dynamic groups? These may be obtained from a colleague who has started or joined a group already, on social media or even on Aunt Minnie. From time to time Face the Core may put Group ID's of dynamic groups that are nearly full on the MyGroup page.
Once I have joined a dynamic group, how do I get details about my dynamic group? You can find your group details on the MyGroup page which you can reach by clicking on the tab My Group.
I have more questions what do I do? Contact Us